The Importance of Proper Feline Nutrition

Proper feline nutrition plays a significantly large part in the life of your cat. In this interview, Dr. Fern discusses the importance of proper feline nutrition with Dr. Karen Becker, and how it influences the health and longevity of your cat.

Dr. Fern has observed that an amazing number of other health problems also disappear when her clients improve their cats’ diets. For example, many of her new patients are active diabetics who make a full recovery with a change in food.

At Uniquely Cats we emphasize disease prevention through species-appropriate nutrition, wellness care, risk-based vaccination plans, environmental enrichment, and stress management.

What you feed your cat makes a difference in the overall health of the cat. Help your cat to thrive, and not just survive. Watch this video with Dr. Fern. and learn about the importance of proper feline nutrition.

feline nutrition
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