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Uniquely Cats Veterinary Center
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Phone: (303) 500‑5158
Address: 1915 28th Street, Boulder, CO 80301

Saving the World One Cat at a Time!

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At Uniquely Cats® Veterinary Center, we believe that the foundation of all effective feline medical care is a full understanding on the part of the cat parent. Our single most important job is to give you the tools and education to make informed healthcare decisions for your cat.

Truly excellent feline medicine must involve caring for the WHOLE cat as an individual being — not just an ear or a lump, and not as “a case of” a particular illness. We believe that excellent care requires understanding the cause of a problem, and that medicating a cat without first understanding a problem often does more harm than good. We employ therapeutic modalities from Western and Eastern medicine in a “Wholistic” approach to providing the most effective care for our kitty patients and their parents too!

As a Gold Level Cat-Friendly Practice® everything we are and do, from hospital design to touch techniques, is to create a feline-friendly veterinary experience that is as stress-free as possible for your cat (and you!). To learn more about our feline-specific veterinary services, please contact us or book an appointment today.

Uniquely Cats® Veterinary Services

We Do Not Declaw

Declawing of your feline friend is not a service we offer. The latest studies on the subject conclusively show how declawing a cat leads to many long-term health issues, including early onset arthritis, intervertebral disc disease, and a lifelong heightened sensitivity to pain. If you are seeing behaviors that are leading you to consider declawing your cat, you should know that there are alternative solutions to those problems, solutions that do not require painful and mutilating surgery. Our expert feline doctors can help you find those solutions.

There are certainly medical reasons why a cat’s toe or claw might need to be surgically removed, and we can meet such needs when necessary, but elective declawing is not available at UCVC.