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Uniquely Cats Veterinary Center
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Phone: (303) 500‑5158
Address: 1915 28th Street, Boulder, CO 80301

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Boulder County Feline Nutrition Centers or Pet Food Stores We Like!

Uniquely Cats Veterinary Center, unlike most veterinary clinics, DOES NOT sell cat food directly to our clients. We believe that proper nutritional recommendations for your cat should be free of any possible conflict of interest.

You can rest assured that the nutritional guidance you receive at Uniquely Cats is free from any conflict of interest that would result from our receiving revenue from the sale of cat food.

After all, your feline friend’s health is heavily influenced by the food he or she is eating. When you read through the cat myths and their answers, you will see again and again how food influences your cat's overall health.

Here are several pet food stores throughout Boulder County that we like. There are undoubtedly other great ones, but we have had the opportunity to visit these stores ourselves and we know they carry the brands we recommend.

But Beware! Most stores also carry food that we wouldn't recommend for your cat, so please bring our guide to picking a cat food with you. Always remember that, contrary to all reasonable expectations, you cannot tell what is in a cat food by reading the label, so your best bet is to stick to the products on our recommended foods list. Please do not purchase a food not on our approved list on the recommendation of a pet food store employee. If you have any questions about cat food suppliers, we can help! Contact us at or (303) 500-5158.

The Happy Beast in Lafayette, CO

We really like this place. Chelsea and Natalie, at the Happy Beast, understand cats. They are one of the few progressive nutritional centers that have stopped selling kibble for felines! Their progressive thinking is, we hope, a hallmark of things to come in the pet food industry.

Visit their website!

Shine Pet Food in Boulder, CO

For those of you living in Boulder, we can recommend you try the raw feline foods prepared by Shine Pet Food Co. (previously Marty’s Meals). We’ve met the owner Sandy, and we believe that she truly "gets it" and understands the nutritional needs of our feline friends.

Visit their website!


Flatirons Natural Pet Market in Boulder, CO

Flatirons Natural Pet Market is a locally-owned store aimed at providing natural and holistic pet food options. Their goal is to provide access to the most biologically appropriate natural pet products and to offer information and knowledge regarding your pet’s specific nutritional needs.

Visit their website!

PC's Pantry for Dogs and Cats, Inc.

Visit their website!


If you would like to have your pet food store listed here, please contact us. Invite us out to your facility, or make an appointment to come chat with us here at UCVC. We always like meeting new people who care about cat health as much as we do!!

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