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In the REI/Marshall's Plaza, at the north end by Hazel's Beverage World

1915 28th Street, Boulder, CO 80301

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We Understand Cats

Our Mission: Saving the World One Cat at a Time!

Boulder Cat Vet watches over the Health of your Feline


Unique and awe-inspiring creatures, they grace us by accepting us into their lives and allowing us the privilege of caring for them.  

“Cats Are Not Small Dogs.”

Cats are a unique species with unique medical needs. Effective feline healthcare must be based on understanding that uniqueness. As dedicated feline-exclusive professionals, our knowledge of feline-specific health and medicine informs everything we do for you and your cat.

Cats Are Our Passion

The Feline Healthcare Team at the Uniquely Cats® Veterinary Center is motivated by a deep passion for cats — for helping cats to live healthy lives, for helping sick cats to get better, for nurturing the human-feline bond, and for sharing our knowledge and the joy of feline health and happiness.  We are dedicated to providing the most thorough, compassionate and advanced care to each individual cat entrusted to our care.

Feline-Specific Care

Our cat care, whether provided in the feline-friendly, homelike environment of our brand-new state-of-the-art hospital or in your home, emphasizes disease prevention through species-appropriate nutrition, wellness care, risk-based vaccination plans, environmental enrichment and stress management.  We are expert in the diagnosis and compassionate treatment of feline disorders.Feline Veterinarians here to help your cat

Every Cat Is Unique

We understand that every cat, cat parent, and cat home dynamic is unique. Our doctors and staff will work with you as a team to find the most effective path, for you and your cat, to good health and a happy life together.

Experience Matters

Our Founder and Medical Director, Dr. Fern Slack, brings over 25 years of experience of feline-only veterinary care and a deep and abiding love of cats to the Uniquely Cats® Veterinary Center.

Introduction to Uniquely Cats® Veterinary Center by Dr. Fern

Feline Veterinary Video Introduction


What Cat Parents Want To Know

Dr. Fern’s philosophy to cat veterinary medicine starts with one simple truth: “Education is the first line of defense for our feline friends.”  As you get to know the cat vets at Uniquely Cats® Veterinary Center you will see that there is a difference in the approach taken from that of corporate and institutional medicine.  Each cat and their human have a unique relationship. It is our goal to help you better understand that relationship and in turn provide you with a better understanding of your feline friend.

We will continue to publish new articles to help you become a better cat parent. Remember you have been entrusted with the care and well being of your more transient feline friend. Your education will help extend their temporal journey through your life.

Ack, My Cat Has Diarrhea!

Ack, My Cat Has Diarrhea!

Your cat has suddenly started having diarrhea. Now what? Nobody likes to deal with their cat’s diarrhea, but diarrhea in and of itself is not a bad thing. It’s the body’s natural way of getting something bad out of the system and healing itself. 

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20 Signs Your Cat May Be Sick

20 Signs Your Cat May Be Sick

We love our cats and we want them to live long and healthy lives.  To do this, we need to know when our cat isn’t feeling well. The biggest challenge faced by devoted cat parents is this: cats are terrible at telling us when they don’t feel well. Cats hide everything.

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Cat Veterinary Myths

Test your cat IQ!

What’s wrong with these statements?


What People Are Saying About Our Veterinary Staff and Services!

Veterinary Testimonials
If you truly want the best care for your cat, this is the vet for you. The entire staff is incredibly helpful, well-informed, and they all genuinely love cats. Drs. Fine and Fern are clearly experts in the field, and the... effort that they put into educating their clients on proper cat care goes above and beyond.I read the negative reviews for the clinic, and the biggest criticism comes from people who are frustrated with the strict dietary recommendations from the vets here. In this case, I believe the fault is with the people who are unwilling to give their cats proper nutrition, and not with Uniquely Cats. Cats should not eat dry food, period. Cats cannot digest plant materials, period. This information has been proven time and time again through research. If you had a lactose-intolerant, gluten-intolerant human child, would you feed him a daily diet of macaroni and cheese? NO. This is common sense. Listen to the experts, and do some research yourself.Bottom line: if you love your cat, and if you are willing to make the right changes to ensure your cat is as happy and healthy as possible, Uniquely Cats is the absolute best place for you and your cat. If you aren't willing to make your cat's health a priority, maybe find another more
Lisa Viltz
The staff is so attentive, kind, and knowledgeable. We drive all the way from Thornton to visit.
Ali Rodriguez-Carlson
Great place ever compassionate friendly staff great doctors I know my cat was well taken care of I highly recommend this veterinarian center for any one who loves there cat thank you guy's very much
Paul Steele
I took my cat here the first time to get a third opinion on my card teeth. I had taken him to a vet who said they needed to be removed due to infection and then a second who said he just needed his teeth cleaned. I took him... here and they seconded the removal but also recommended a new diet. I tried the homemade cat food recipe they give and he improved drastically. People who hadn't seen him in months commented on how shiny and energetic he was. He's currently 14/15 and had been on this diet for 3/4 years. People still comment on how he doesn't look or act old and that he's so fiesty and happy. It's a process to make the homemade cat food but a couple hours is worth it for him. I'm very glad I came here because they have been extremely careful and considerate with my more
Miranda Hook
So I am going to share my experience honestly.My kitty's first visit was with Dr. Fine, and it was very similar to one of the reviews.The full conversation with her during the visit just became a judgmental lecture on my... aspect. She did not seem to understand that sometimes it is hard to get cats on fully wet diet on the owner's end even though it is good for the cats. I was given with a brief report that is hard to read after I asked on my own two weeks after.Anyway I was almost getting so negative on Dr. Fine that I would not come back again. But while my friends are still recommending, so I tried switching to another doctor, Dr. Goodrich. She is totally different! She is so compassionate on cats while giving out suggestions very kindly! I enjoyed the conversation with her: she went through necessary information throughly, recommended stuff nicely, and also understood the situation while we cannot reach to the optimal situation. She also got back to me with a long, detailed and fully explained written email report on the exam during that appointment! After the visit my kitty got sick again and during this whole time, she was so responsive through email. I can see that she cares about every kitty she has seen and would like to provide the best for them. I really appreciate it.So overall, this is a good hospital for cats especially when they are only focusing on cats but not treat them as "small dogs" like many other places will. The important thing to pay attention is that you do want to pick the vets you more
Cheryl Liu
Great experience! They listened and gave very insightful advice that has led to our 20 year old cat acting like the true little carpet lion that she wants to be. I honestly feel like they have given us extra years with our... fuzziest of family members. Cannot recommend more
Steve Cepek
am just blown away by this place I could cry. I've had a series of awful experiences with vets in my lifetime. When your animal is sick you feel helpless. It cant talk and tell you what its feeling. You would expect a... little empathy. Well I'd had enough and decided to take a coworker's recommendation to check out Uniquely being that they specialize in cats only! My cat is highly aggressive with vets btw so it's always an ordeal. We showed up promptly at 8a and were immediately greeted at the door where kitty was collected. About 15 minutes later the doctor called and we chatted. It was the loveliest most informative, educational conversation I've had about cats! I wish I recorded it lol. Dr Goodrich was passionate, knowledgeable and incredibly thorough. I wish they had a sister vet that serviced dogs. When I went to collect him the sweet lady dropping him off took her time to talk to me about diet suggestions. Oh and she was just snuggling with my "aggressive" cat lol. I received an email later (on a Sunday!). The level of detail and care is like nothing I've ever seen, and so incredibly personalized noting behavior observations. What a beautiful holistic approach. I'm so grateful to have come across you guys! Thank you from all my heart!!!read more
Sarah Ezzat
Wonderful staff and overall experience. My husband took our newly adopted Persian to see Dr. Fine at Uniquely Cats and I have to say, our experience was phenomenal from start to finish. Arrianna was very kind and attentive... when I called to make the appointment, getting as much history on our kitty as possible to ensure the best appointment evaluation possible. Once it was time for our kitty’s appointment, drop off was quick and easy. Dr. Fine spent almost an hour on the phone with my husband, going over all the details and recommendations of care for our new furry family member (this is our very first cat)! And she even let him know that she will be sending an email with everything they discussed so that we can reference it if we need any reminders. We choose to do the recommendation bloodwork and urine culture, any she let us know when to expect results and that she would be giving us another call at that time.Just phenomenal care all around. Thorough from start to finish. Thank you!read more
Victoria Seigler
Best experience ive ever had at the vet. Wow
Meg Kisner
Dr. Fern and everyone at Uniquely Cats is wonderful! They have taken incredible care of my cats and focus on nutrition and preventative care. Highly recommended!
Christine Van Valey
Awesome vet for cats! Comprehensive (90 mins!) visit for first time patients. Dr. Fern takes the time to understand your cats history and needs!
Christina Dalby
Dr Fern is a highly skilled veterinarian whose approach to care is significantly more in depth and thoughtful than any we've previously experienced. She was thoughtful in her approach to a treatment plan for our cat and... weighed many factors including the cost in her recommendations. Dr. Fern fully immersed herself in our cats care. She and he staff presented themselves with integrity and compassion, the likes of which we've experienced from no other practitioner.When it came time to say goodbye to our 19 year old cat Dr. Fern and her lead technician Brittany came to our home and made a difficult process one of respect dignity and compassion and without pain for our cat.We highly recommend Dr. Fern and her team at Uniquely Cats for your valued cat's more
Paul Teven
Very friendly staff when I took my cat in for a checkup. Quickest check-in process I've experienced at a vet, with all waiting taking place in a separate room so my cat wasn't exposed to other pets. Very affordable too!
Justin K
A shout out to Uniquely Cats.. They are truly an exceptional place for your fur babies, with the most progressional approach, answering my many questions...
Char K.
World class vets. World class service. I can’t speak highly enough about this place, the staff, the exceptional and thorough care, and knowledge they possess. I had another vet that missed a lot things that this clinic... caught, and thank God for that too, as it was paramount to her health. UCVC is my new primary now and I will never take my cats anywhere else ever again. This place is worth every.single.penny. Thank you, UCVC, for prolonging my cats life - it is the most priceless thing anyone could ask for. Warm purrs, Gaia & Gus <3read more
Lisa Cayton
Cats only (no barking dogs). Friendly and dedicated staff. Knowledgeable vets. There's no better place to help you care for your cat.
Bill Wareham
I actually took one of my kitties here 10/31/19 and I could not have been any happier with this place. Everyone was very kind, down to earth, compassionate and took time to answer all my questions thoroughly. Dr G... (Goodrich) even geeked out with me on cat health and some history on the topic, which I absolutely loved!! I loved everything about this cat hospital, a great experience!! I will be returning there and I highly recommend them☺ Thank you all!!read more
Brenda Ernst
If you have a cat, bring them here! The staff that really love and know how to handle cats. The waiting and examination rooms are calming and are designed for cat and human comfort. But the stars are there doctors--people... who have devoted their whole careers to not only treat cats as a vet, but research car health to make all cats healthier. The biggest thing you get from here is that cat diets have such an effect on so many health and behaviour more
Stacy Bruss
Amazingly knowledgeable vets here. Undiagnosed E. coli was diagnosed and treated when other vets missed it. The vet and staff educated us on cat dietary needs. The change in our cat after making diet changes has been quite... surprising. When we needed to board her for the first time cat boarding ever, and it could not have had a better experience. The staff answered my many questions. Mary let me set up my cat’s condo and gave me an update when I called. My cat received her meds daily and was well cared for. Thank goodness for Uniquely Cats!read more
Rob McCrain
After having met and chatted with Dr Fern at a couple of local festivals, we were impressed with her knowledge and approach to caring for cats. It was...
Sandy B.
I am so grateful to have Uniquely Cats in my community. If you are looking for fantastically out-of-this-world care for your feline friend, this is the place to go. The first appointment was 90 minutes and felt like a... conversation with a friend rather than a five minute drop-in like the typical vet appointment. Dr. Fine took her time to learn about Evie's behavioral, medical, dietary, and social history. She listened to my questions and provided context for many of the quirks Evie has.Dr. Fine's depth of knowledge about cat diets was incredibly impressive. If you aren't familiar with species appropriate diets, you need to go in with an open mind and try not to become defensive. She was also extremely compassionate and made it clear that lack of understanding of cat diets is common. It's easy to fall victim to marketing schemes from "big pet food" companies. The important thing is that we are improving Evie's diet now, and there is nothing to feel guilty about.This office obviously has the best interest of your pet in mind and will be very helpful if you let them. Yes, I spent a little more money than I would have expected. But I value my pet's health and know that it is money well-spent.The wellness exam was thorough and compassionate, the techs were excellent taking blood and urine. Evie even got a pedicure. They were sweet to her, complimented her many times, and let me go back with her to take samples. I'm beyond thrilled to have this new doctor in our lives, and can't wait to see the changes in my best friend when we switch her diet. Thank you, Dr. Fine and staff!!!read more
Lizzie Stelten
The entire team at Uniquely Cats is incredible, and they've gone above and beyond time and again for my sweet cat. I've had the pleasure of interacting with each of the vets, and they are all thorough, understanding, and... knowledgeable. Recently, my cat had a serious, acute condition, and they were able to manage it quickly and effectively, helping keep her comfortable and nursing her back to health. I can't recommend this office enough, and trust them implicitly to care for my feline family more
Rachel Barone
My dearly loved cat Beemer was seen today for the first time at Uniquely Cats. Upon entering the beautiful facility I was greeted by a wonderful staff and was offered a variety of refreshments. This facility is like none... I’ve been to nor seen over the years.Beemer was seen by the most compassionate and knowledgeable Dr, Dr Fern, who had so much knowledge and insight on vital issues never discussed with me before at any veterinary clinic I’ve been to in the past. She is an amazing Dr that opened my eyes to the importance of feline diet and cat nutrition. I can reassure anyone that is looking for someone you can trust for the very best care and love for your cat, please call the outstanding staff at Uniquely Cats. The information and all around staff care that was received today was above and beyond.Catinaread more
Kat Hat
I have never been to a vet who was so thorough. Highly recommend
Lisa Dickson
We've been taking our cats to the humane society for five years now, but finally decided to try Uniquely Cats after a bad experience with their old vet. Our Luna is very easily freaked out, and lashes out at any stranger who... tries to touch him. UC had a bunch of useful info on their website about how to best calm him down before our first visit. When we arrived, we were immediately given a private room where we could let Luna out of his crate. The vet allowed him to explore for a bit before coming in, then gave us a very thorough breakdown of how to change his diet to fix the issues he was having. The vet also gave us a full price quote before completing any additional services.We are completely switching both of our cats' care over to Uniquely Cats, because their staff were all so patient and loving with our kitty and took our concerns seriously. I've never seen Luna more relaxed at a vet visit!read more
Nina Reed
We just had an exceptional visit here. Our cat has never been this calm at an appointment, they indeed have a special touch with cats. The facilty, team and care are top notch, better than what some humans might experience... at their human healthcare provider. Thank you for the phenomenal care and experience that you provided for our feline family member!read more
Rita Zamora
Like most pet parents, my cat is my everything. I took her to the Uniquely Cats Vet Center since they specialize in cats. My cat is special needs too so I...
kassandra t.
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