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Uniquely Cats Veterinary Center
Uniquely Cats Veterinary Center Uniquely Cats Veterinary Center Uniquely Cats Veterinary Center Uniquely Cats Veterinary Center

Phone: (303) 500‑5158
Address: 1915 28th Street, Boulder, CO 80301

Uniquely Cats Veterinary Center

Caring For Your Cats

Uniquely Cats Veterinary Center, the only feline-exclusive veterinary hospital in Boulder, knows cats inside and out (literally). We value the uniqueness of each of our feline patients. Unlike most veterinary centers, we don’t just treat a symptom; we treat the whole cat. Our approach is firmly rooted in species-appropriate nutrition. We believe treatment starts with a healthy diet, which, contrary to popular belief, cannot be found in most commercial brands.

Our Philosophies

Our Medical Director Dr. Fern’s philosophy of cat veterinary medicine starts with one simple truth: education and nutrition are the first lines of defense for our feline friends. As you get to know the cat vets at Uniquely Cats® Veterinary Center, you will see that we take a completely different approach from that of most veterinary hospitals, whether private, corporate, or institutional. Each cat and his or her human has a unique relationship. Our goal is to honor that relationship by providing you with the information needed to truly understand your cat’s health. With accurate and feline-specific information, you can improve both the length and quality of your cat’s life.

Our Mission: to “Save The World One Cat At A Time!”

Cats Are Amazing

Any cat guardian knows that cats are unique and awe-inspiring creatures who grace us by accepting us into their lives and allowing us the privilege of caring for them. We also consider it a privilege to provide your cats with veterinary care.

Cats Are Not Small Dogs

Cats are a unique species with unique medical needs. Most veterinary providers treat cats like small dogs, and do not base their medical advice on feline uniqueness. As dedicated feline-exclusive professionals, our knowledge of feline-specific health and medicine informs everything we do for you and your cat.

Cats Are Our Passion

The feline healthcare team at the Uniquely Cats® Veterinary Center is motivated by a deep and abiding love for cats — for helping cats to live healthy lives, for helping sick cats to get better, for nurturing the human-feline bond, and for sharing our knowledge and the joy of feline health and happiness. Since its inception, our practice philosophy continues to progress and change based on lessons we have learned through hands-on experience with our feline patients. During a routine wellness and preventive care visit, we evaluate every aspect of a cat's life, starting with diet, to create a completely tailored care plan. We believe in finding the root of a health issue and determining a solution rather than simply using drugs to cover up the symptoms.

Feline-Specific Care

We care for your cats in the feline-friendly, welcoming environment of our state-of-the-art hospital, which emphasizes disease prevention through species-appropriate nutrition, wellness care, risk-based immunity evaluations, environmental enrichment, and stress management. We are experts in the diagnosis and compassionate treatment of feline disorders. We search until we find the true cause of a disorder and create a treatment plan based on a rational diagnosis, which often includes changes to nutrition.

Cat Friendly Practice Cat Friendly Practice

Nutrition-Based Approach

It is a sad fact that most commercial cat food is manufactured from poor quality ingredients, with minimal oversight and often under deplorable conditions. Poor quality diets, made from shoddy ingredients that are not evolutionarily normal food for the species, cause many health problems and worsen many others. We base our nutritional recommendations on the “prey model” — in the wild, cats eat small prey; we only advocate for a diet that adheres to this nutritional makeup. A large number of patients come to us with chronic intestinal problems, skin disorders, respiratory diseases, diabetes, and other chronic conditions that either resolve or improve on a species-appropriate diet.

Every Cat Is Unique

We understand that every cat, cat parent, and cat home dynamic is unique. Our doctors and staff will work with you as a team to find the most effective path for you and your cat to enjoy good health and a happy life together.

Vaccinations Based on Immunity Evaluations

At Uniquely Cats® Veterinary Center, our approach to vaccinations is different from most other veterinary hospitals. We evaluate your cat's individual risk of disease exposure, and balance that against the risks associated with vaccination. We encourage you to use this information (and our recommendations) to make a choice based on that balance. We also use vaccine antibody testing to assess immunity where possible, which allows us to avoid giving unnecessary vaccinations.

Experience Matters

Our doctors have over 56 combined years of feline-only veterinary care. Our doctors are passionate about feline medicine in general, and you and your cat’s happiness in particular.

To learn more about our Uniquely Cats philosophies or to schedule an appointment for your favorite feline, please call (303) 500-5158 or request an appointment online.

“Thanks for the report. These make it so much easier to keep up with how Vronsky is doing. I wish human docs did this. ”
— Ingrid H. - Broomfield, CO
“I have been so very impressed with Dr. Fern and her level of extensive knowledge and genuine care when it comes to cat health, nutrition, and diagnostics. Dr. Fern has the long-term health of her feline patients as her #1 priority. She spends a lot of time with each patient, and puts quite a lot of energy into what she does. She also eagerly recommends to her clients how to best maintain their cats' health in order to avoid big vet bills down the road. Cat owners will not be disappointed!”
— Laura B. - Boulder CO
“Dr. Fern provides incredibly detailed reports and will research for answers until she can find solutions to kitty issues. The front office and support staff are very patient with anxious pet guardians.”
— Janelle N. - Boulder, CO
“In my sister's and my own pets' unusual cases, Dr. Fern has gone more than the proverbial "extra mile", well "above and beyond", leaving no stone unturned to discover the most up-to-date and cutting-edge research and studies as well as to consult with leading specialists in some rather arcane fields no matter where such experts may be found. In my years of living with animal companions and interacting with veterinarians, I have never had the privilege of encountering such an exceptional doctor.”
— Judy E
“Our cat can be a little..."John Wick" when it comes to going to the vet. Despite this, all of the staff are understanding and do not put him at fault. We could not ask for better treatment and understanding people. Also appreciated is Dr. Goodrich. Following each visit she sends us in-depth e-mails breaking down all of the lab levels and results, and does not assume that we simply would not understand such detailed medical information. We could not ask for a better vet.”
— Courtney M. - Louisville, CO
“We love Dr. BG. The techs were also sweet and competent. We especially appreciate how kind Dr. BG is. Also, we truly value the food recommendations. Changing Merlin's food has changed his life for the better. This is the first vet (and we've had a lot) who didn't try to sell us some crap food for an overinflated price.”
— Olivia L. - Boulder, CO
“These people are the best! I’ve been taking my FIV+ kitty Edgar here since the day I adopted him. They’ve helped me learn so much about providing compassionate care to cats with FIV, and despite Edgar having an attitude at the vet, everyone still treats him with the same love. When I’ve had urgent problems in the past they’ve been able to get Edgar right in. Dr. Fine’s excellent care makes it so that Edgar lives a very normal, playful, and healthy life. Can’t recommend them enough <3”
— Helen B. - Boulder, CO
“The professionals at UCVC are caring , thorough and experienced. The combination of loving attention with detailed and well-explained scientific results puts us at ease that our feline family member is receiving the best possible care and that we are learning every bit of relevant information to make informed decisions about recommendations and treatment.”
— Sandy B. - Boulder, CO
“Best vet I have ever been to. Dr. Fine was so informative and staff very friendly. Highly recommend.”
— Callie J. - Boulder, CO
“I’ve been going to Uniquely Cats for the past three years. I have complete confidence in what they do. Dr. Fern Slack is remarkable in her knowledge , after my visit I receive a detailed report and plan of action, so there is no mistake in what needs to be done. Staff is excellent answering all my many questions and concerns. I highly recommend them.”
— Charlotte K. - Boulder, CO
“We have been seeing the vets at Uniquely Cats for over a year and it's always a pleasure to speak with them. They provide lots of information and give plenty of time to ask questions. Everyone is very caring. From the tech who picked our boy up at the door and listened and relayed my newest concerns, to the vet who gave the checkup who listened and answered questions. You all have such great compassion and patience.”
— Kathryn H. - Longmont, CO
“The entire Uniquely Cats team is top notch - compassionate, professional, and responsive. You listen thoroughly and with care, take the time to find the answers, follow through and follow up. I always feel that I and my cat are well cared for and are receiving quality skilled care. Thanks for squeezing my furry girl in for a drop-off on an emergent basis - it is such a relief to know you are then when most needed. Your whole team goes above and beyond every time! I wouldn't trust anyone else...”
— Jean L. - Lafayette, CO
“My last visit was only the second in-person consultation I've done with Pippin's vet in the year we have been going. At this visit, I received the horrible news that Pippin, at 14 years old, had reached his terminus. She was very good at being straightforward, relating the results of his panels and x-rays and what those meant. I was able to understand and appreciate what was happening at a slower rate rather than the shock of the news all at once. & the crew were all so compassionate and kind.”
— Swanee A.
“Everyone at Uniquely Cats, from front desk to docs to techs, treats my beloved cats and me with kindness, courtesy, and professionalism.”
— David C. - Louisville, CO
“Everyone always treats Katie and me well. I'm always impressed with how caring the staff is.”
— Bob W. - Boulder, CO
“It was a great visit. The team was incredibly kind and accommodating. They answered all of my questions and addressed all of my concerns. Everyone took their time to make sure I really understood the process and the reasons why recommendations were being made. Wonderful experience.”
— Grant K. - Boulder, CO
Expertise and genuine care

Dr. Fern and Team,

Thank you so much for the expertise and genuine care you showed us during our visits. I was nervous bringing my boys in for their dental treatment and you made me feel comfortable and confident in the care they would receive.”
— Rosanna C. - Erie, CO
“We’ve been going here for years and continue to stick with Uniquely Cats even after we moved 30 minutes away. All the veterinarians are wonderful and really understand cats! I also love how personable and empathetic the staff is. One of our cats has IBD and their treatment and attention to detail has helped her make a turnaround better than any other vet! I would definitely recommend.”
— Michelle K. - Denver, CO
“Simply wonderful all around ❤”
— Claudia C. - Lafayette, CO
“VERY good impression of my visit, staff was knowledgeable and friendly. Very comfortable with cats and discussing meal plans as well as treatment with an in-depth explanation of procedures and billing. I appreciate the downtime for my pet to relax while also having an at-length discussion with the vet.”
— Calvin D. - Boulder, CO
“Clean office, friendly and efficient staff, and excellent care for all the kitties. Yesterday I had an emergency and you guys got Louis in as soon as I could get him there. In general, I appreciate that you guys specialize in cats because I know Louis is getting the absolute best care from such compassionate and competent people. I have total faith when I leave Louis with you guys he's getting the best care available.”
— Jessica O. - Boulder, CO
I found my dream veterinarian for my cat!

I want to recommend Dr. Fern Slack of Uniquely Cats Veterinary Center. Dr. Slack has 20+ years of feline-only veterinary care and understands how to treat cats (hint: not like dogs!) She is truly "wholistic," like a functional medicine doctor for your cat. She knows what tests to run and how to interpret them, she looks at any stress in the home, and she understands the importance of an appropriate diet (hint: not dry food!) to maintain health. She's been very generous with her time with me and my older cat. Her center opens in July and is currently doing home visits. Oh, and she's VERY reasonably priced for the quality of care she provides! ”
— Hilary M. - Boulder, CO
“Service was quick, but not cursory. I felt like my pet and I were cared for and treated with great and thorough service. Everyone is polite and kind and really cares for their job and clients. You can appreciate the high level of care Dr. Fine and all the staff members take to make sure all kitty parents feel comfortable and all kitties are as healthy as they can be. I especially appreciated the time Dr. Fine took during my first visit to explain how diet and other habits impact my cat's health.”
— Sharon W. - Broomfield, CO
“The staff is so friendly and welcoming. I love the environment and always feel more than comfortable when coming in for my kitty's visits. What I appreciate most is the care the staff gives to my cats. I love being able to feel safe leaving my babies with them and trusting them 100%.”
— Micaela B. - Denver, CO
“I must report that the change in health and demeanor of both cats switching to your food recommendations has resulted in dramatic positive changes. They are “happy and healthy” in a way they have never been before. It’s literally astounding what the dietary change combined with the periodontal work has done for them. They are 14 behaving like 5-year-old cats.”
— Robert R. - Boulder, CO

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