Test your cat IQ!

What's wrong with these statements?

Myth #1

Cats Who Look Healthy Are Healthy

Myth #2

Cats and Dogs Are Medically Identical

Myth #3

“Organic” Cat Food Is Healthiest

Myth #4

Vomiting Hairballs Is Normal For Cats

Myth #5

Dry Food Cleans Cats’ Teeth

Myth #6

Heart Murmurs Make Anesthesia Dangerous

Myth #7

Male Cats Are Prone To Bladder Infections

Myth #8

Cats Should Be Vaccinated Annually

Myth #9

Litterbox Problems Are "Behavioral"

Myth #10

Cat Skin Diseases Are All About Skin

Myth #11

Cats Are “Finicky” Eaters

Myth #12

“Normal” Lab Tests Are Always Normal

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